About Us:

The Pasture Pre-School

The Pasture Pre-School is a place for children ages 2-5 to wonder, learn and grow in their capacity to love and serve God and one another.


Our Mission

The Pasture Preschool is a uniquely designed community of little ones, specifically created knowing that young children have a great capacity to know and draw close to God, through Jesus Christ. It is through the declaration of God's Word, liturgy of celebration, praise, worship, and prayer that we witness children respectfully working together in simplicity as they contemplate their unique relationship to God. With the Knowledge that little hands are the instruments of the heart and intellect of the child, we surround the child with developmentally appropriate material and work that inherently leads to a peaceful experience.


Our Program

The Pasture Preschool would like to welcome each of you to enjoy a glance into what makes our preschool a beautiful experience for the young children we are so grateful to serve. We consider each end every child as uniquely gifted by our Creator. We endeavor to impart to each child, as he tries to make sense of his world, the knowledge of Jesus Christ as his savior; a developmentally sound program that meets the child right where he is in his spiritual, emotional, physical, and developmental world; and a educational program that prepares the young child for a later entry into any Kindergarten class.


Montessori Approach

The Pasture Preschool combines, with a classical Christian approach, the Montessori methods in language and math development; including an exposure to early reading skills through phonics. We enjoy a beautifully designed outdoor education experience and believe that the young child should be given many sensorial opportunities to come into direct contact with the world that God has created.  Because work, internally and externally, is really “play” for the youngest among us; we realize that practical life skills become the avenue by which the young child makes order and sense of his world. The hand, being the instrument of the heart and mind of the child, then is used in everyday skills, writing preparation, finite pincer strengthening exercises, and work designed to bring balance in all his interaction with his environment.


The Pasture Preschool environments or classrooms are intentional and designed in accordance with the developmental needs of our children. We worship; we pray; we take care in grace and courtesy lessons trying to train the young child to respect his friends and take care of, as good stewardship demands, his work and surroundings.


Music and art are natural expressions of the community experience in the Pasture preschool environment. There is some enjoyment of classical artwork as well as music and instruction in song and poetry. Worship and chapel experience is also part of the structure in a weekly schedule as we celebrate our common faith in Christ and learn through worship our humble approach to God.


“ Prevent not the little child to come unto Me….for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”